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The Never Never Song List

Stone Temple Pilots • Sex Type Thing • Vaseline • The Big Empty
Bryan Adams • Summer Of 69 • Cuts Like A Knife
Ted Nugent
• Stranglehold
Pink Floyd •  Wish You Were Here • Time • Another Brick In The Wall • Comfortably Numb
Alice in Chains
• Man in the Box • Would
Red Hot Chili Peppers • Under The Bridge
Van Halen • Ice Cream Man • Little Dreamer • Atomic Punk • Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love • Hot for Teacher • Eruption
Blind Faith • Can’t Find My Way Home
Jimi Hendrix • Little Wing • Hey Joe • Crosstown Traffic • Manic Depression • Fire • Red House • All Along the Watchtower
SRV • Cold Shot • Pride and Joy

Grand Funk Railroad • Closer to Home • Some Kind of Wonderful
Stray Cats • Stray Cat Strut
Beatles • Rocky Raccoon •  Oh! Darlin’ • I Am The Walrus •
Audioslave • Cochise • Like A Stone
The Who • Behind Blue Eyes • My Generation • Baba O’Reilly • Who Are You • Pinball Wizard
Stones • Jumpin' Jack Flash • Wild Horses • Beast of Burden • Miss You • Satisfaction • Honky Tonk Woman • Wild Horses •  Sympathy for The Devil
Bon Jovi
• Wanted Dead Or Alive
• Black Magic Woman • Evil Ways
Doobie Bros.
• Long Train Runnin’ •  Black Water
Janis Joplin
• Piece of My Heart • Me & Bobby McGee
Cream • Sunshine of Your Love • White Room
Jefferson Airplane
•  White Rabbit
Eric Clapton
• Crossroads • I Shot The Sheriff
Black Crowes
• Talks to Angels • Jealous Again • Hard to Handle
Led Zeppelin
• Ramble On • What Is & What Should Never Be • Lemon Song  • Your Time is Gonna Come • Ten Years Gone • Tangerine • Kashmir • The Crunge • D’yer  Maker • Goin’ to California • Hey Hey What Can I Do • Good Times/Bad Times • Shook Me • Dazed and Confused • I Can’t Quit You Babe • How Many More Times • Communication Breakdown • Whole Lotta Love • Thank You • Bring It On Home • Heartbreaker • Moby Dick • Immigrant Song • Celebration Day • Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You • Ocean • Black Dog • Rock ‘n’ Roll • Stairway to Heaven • Misty Mountain Hop • When the Levee Breaks • The Song Remains The Same • Dancin’ Days • Over the Hills and Far Away • Custard Pie • The Rover • The Wanton Song • Hot Dog
Allman Brothers
• Midnight Rider
Rod Stewart • Stay With Me • Hot Legs • Maggie Mae
Aerosmith • Train Kept A Rollin’ • Sweet Emotion • Seasons of Wither  • Walking The Dog
• Love Hurts
Queen • Fat Bottom Girls • Tie Your Mother Down
Golden Earring
•Radar Love
The Doors
•  Roadhouse Blues
ZZ Top
• Tush • Waitin’ for the Bus • Jesus Just Left Chicago
d Company • Good Lovin’ Gone Bad • Shooting Star • Ready For Love
Stevie Wonder
• Superstition
lack Sabbath • Sweet  Leaf • War Pigs • The Wizard • Fairies Wear Boots • Paranoid
• Slow Ride
AC/DC • Whole Lotta Rosie • Highway to Hell • Shot Down In Flames
Wild Cherry
• Funky Music
Alice Cooper
• Eighteen
Deep Purple
• Hush • Medley (My Woman From Tokyo/ Highway Star) • Smoke On The Water
Rage Against The Machine
• Killing in the Name Of • Bulls on Parade
Foo Fighters
• All My Life
Montrose • Rock Candy • Bad Motor Scooter •
• Working Man
• Red Shoes
Guns And Roses
•  Sweet Child •  Patience •
•  Ziggy Stardust
Cheap Trick • 
Jimi Hendrix •
All along The Watchtower •  Purple Haze •  Hey Joe •  Fire •  Little Wing
Lynyrd Synyrd
•  Simple Man •  Sweet Home • Freebird
Steve Miller
•  the Joker
Ozzy Osbourne
•  Crazy Train 
•  Purple Rain
•  Creep

Never Never Originals
No Lifetime Guarantee
Deliver Me
Body and Soul


No Lifetime Guarantee

It ain't no big deal
just a hard headed woman
try to give her some love
she try to cause me pain
but I do what I want
I do what I'm gonna do
she'll not leave me standin'
in the pourin' rain

Ain't no lifetime guarantee
love don't get no factory warranty
ain't no lifetime guarantee
that your love and affection 
keep a hold on me 

Has a whole lotta money
lotta fancy clothes
she was lookin' for love
but the store was closed
always get what she wants
and don't settle for less
and she don't take nothin'
if it's not the best

life's not for waitin' or anticipatin'
so live it up
love's not to hold
can't be bought or be sold 
so just give it up
let yourself go
set yourself free
nothin's forever there's no guarantee…


Deliver Me

pain drives me away
need  lays to waste
desire leads me astray
on fire just to taste

I can't hold on much longer
I'm starin out over the edge
deliver me away
I can't hold on one more day
deliver me away
deliver me from this place

all fall down
dyin underground
no light of day
jesus show me the way

I can't hold on much longer
I'm starin' out into the void

deliver me
seems it's not such a game anymore

deliver this
pain away
don't leave me hangin' on
one more day
jesus show me the way 


Body and Soul

alright you shoulda seen her
little darlin' in the tight blue jeans
oh my I almost died 
when she walked up smilin' at me 
hey there pretty babe
would you come take a walk with me
oh no  momma told me
'bout the way them boys could be

shoulda seen her
she was steamin'
I couldn't believe it
she knows how the boys could be

body and soul
the girl's got body and soul

ok you must be jokin'
I was shakin' cause she was smokin'
she says oh well
what the hell
but I gotta be in by ten
alright you know that I was thinkin'
that I coulda had my way by then
she was readin' my mind
she had me towin' the line
but hey hey mama does she look fine

now lord I got bored
I walked right up to her door
caught up in her glance
and the happenstance
you know that this means war
so I park it in the street
till I find my feet
buggin' an movin' 
to the groovin' beat
when the door knob turn
and she stepped out and said….. 

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